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The Testosterone Deficiency Centre

Our Origins

This site originates from the removal of my testicles in 1988 and my subsequent involvement in the Testicular Cancer Resource Center.
I am a qualified Microsoft Systems engineer, with other qualifications in mechanical engineering. I have no medical training whatsoever. This site has been constructed and as a result of my research, carried out initially during the first half of 2003. It has been and continues to be, funded by myself.

I have been the Testicular Cancer Resource Centre's Associate Editor responsible for hormones since 1997. Since then, my time has been gradually consumed, by assisting qualifying patients to obtain Testosterone supplements, via the email support group TCNET. I scan each email for signs of possible hormone issues and advise accordingly. Often, mine has been the lone voice leading to diagnosis of Hypogonadism, sometimes resulting in the cessation of anti-depressants, shortly after therapy is introduced.

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