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A Ball Dropped is a documentary that could have been made in any area of society, rich or poor, any ethnicity in any country and any age. That it is Cancer oriented is merely because that is how I discovered it myself 25 years ago. However there are many many causes, too many to mention here. My grateful thanks to Philly Morris for his unswerving faith and to Ben Thornley Paul Bez Burrows and the rest of the Sitcom Soldiers team for bringing this to life, but most of all, to the people you will meet. They are the real heroes of this film. Please watch and share the download link if you care one iota about your fellow humans. Thanks, Nick.
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NEW! The TDC is to become a charity!
The TDC is forming The Male Androgen Deficiency Society to be launched on September 1st 2013. As a result this website is under redevelopment an is being updated. Many features, including the forum, will remain. The charity is being formed to ensure the TDC's work can continue and become less dependent on an individual.
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The UK army rightly screen their soldiers for hypopituitarism after head injury, a devastating complication that can make them impotent, infertile, chronically fatigued, obese or suicidal. Civilians aren't even warned!
Click here and sign the petition to ensure patients are told the risks as they leave hospital, so they can get effective treatment too.
Click Here for the tragic story of Joanna's son.
Editorial: The Testosterone story
The Testosterone Deficiency problem is widespread, misunderstood and largely unrecognised by the medical profession. Low Testosterone in the male is costing lives. Read More Here
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Low Testosterone link to Prostate cancer!
A recent study of more than 500 men in Korea found men with low Testosterone are at an increased risk of Prostate cancer. Check out the abstract here
Acrux gains FDA approval for Axiron
Acrux and Eli Lilly have announced FDA approval of Axiron. Martin took part in the trial.You can see what he thinks of it..... here
Cancer Survivors at greater risk of Low Testosterone
Forty eight percent of male Cancer survivors were found to have low Testosterone. Testing should be routine in male Cancer survivors. Check out the article abstract here

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